How Resilient Are You? Test Your Ability to Bounce Back from Setbacks

Resilience is what sets those who succeed apart from the rest. When you're resilient, you can get back on your feet after just about anything, and that ability will take you far in life. It's a skill everyone should learn and master, but few do. Even if you think of yourself as being able to bounce back from setbacks, the truth might surprise you. Without resilience, you're likely to walk away from challenges, including those in your personal relationships. You might try to run away from your problems. Knowing how resilient you are helps you know how you're likely to react in the face of challenges. It also helps you learn how you can improve yourself because resilience is a skill. Even if you're not so good at it now, you can learn and grow, developing the ability to bounce back when you struggle. Take this 30-question quiz to see how resilient you are.

History Lesson

A Scary Look at Resiliency

In the vast tapestry of literary giants, Stephen King's journey stands out as a testament to resilience and the indomitable spirit of creativity. Born in 1947, King's early life was marred by familial abandonment and financial hardships. His father's sudden departure left his mother to single-handedly raise him and his brother, David. These early struggles, set against the backdrop of Maine, would later become the haunting settings of his tales. King's passion for writing was ignited during these formative years, with rejection slips accumulating on a nail in his room, eventually requiring a spike to hold them all. Yet, these rejections did not deter him; they fueled his determination.

King's first novel, "Carrie," faced multiple rejections before seeing the light of day. The tale of a telekinetic teenager ostracized and bullied, resonated with readers, catapulting King into the limelight. But success was not without its shadows. The 1980s saw King grappling with addiction, a period he barely recalls, even admitting to a hazy memory of penning one of his bestsellers, "Cujo." But, much like the protagonists in his stories, King confronted his demons. An intervention by loved ones led him to seek help, and he emerged, not just sober, but with a renewed vigor for storytelling.

King's resilience is evident not just in his personal battles but also in his professional journey. Despite achieving monumental success with novels like "The Shining" and "It," he never rested on his laurels. He continuously evolved, experimenting with genres, and challenging the boundaries of fiction. His story is a beacon for aspiring writers and creatives, illuminating the path with lessons of perseverance, belief in one's craft, and the transformative power of storytelling. In King's narrative, we find the age-old adage ringing true: It's not about how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up.

Did you know?

how many people are naturally resilient?

Everyone faces challenges, struggles, and trauma in life at some point. How people respond differently is largely influenced by how resilient they are. Two people can go through the same stressful event and come out with completely different responses. One person may bounce back while the other struggles to process and get past it.

The good news is, that studies reveal that most people are resilient. In studying the response of those who have been through traumatic events, two-thirds of them managed to persevere and return to their normal lives in a relatively short period of time. Some resilient people turn to religion to help them persevere. Others may rely on their own hope and optimism.

Most importantly, resilient people recognize and accept what they can and cannot change. They focus on what they can do in a situation and don't sweat it when something is out of their control. After all, there's no point in worrying about something you can't change.

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