Counting Shark Bites: Gauge Your Movie-Watching Habits with Jaws


Released in 1975 out of nowhere, Jaws was the first-ever summer blockbuster. In fact, it created the trend of big-budget summer releases that became an industry staple for decades to come. There are a million reasons to love this movie. It was innovative for its time, was nominated for multiple Academy Awards, and it was a long shot to win. In fact, the movie had bombed, Stephen Spielberg’s over-budget vision might have torpedoed his career. The film became so popular that it’s still quoted over 40 years later. People recognize the two-note soundtrack immediately. It was a critical and commercial success that has surpassed cult status. So, how much do you remember about the film?

Did you know?

Jaws was based on a book

"Jaws," the book, was written by Peter Benchley and published in 1974 and became an instant success. The novel also follows three characters as they fight a shark terrorizing a small town. However, the movie doesn't follow the book exactly. There were many subplots to the novel, which were removed from the movie. The ending was profoundly changed. In fact, Spielberg's new ending upset the book's author so much that he had to be removed from the set.

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