How Much of a Sigma Male Are You?


What do we mean when we say Sigma Male? We're definitely not talking about Greek chapters at college. Instead, the focus is on the social hierarchy pseudoscience that's embedded itself in pop culture. It started with studies of wolves and chimpanzees many years ago and theories about Alpha and Beta males that have since been debunked. But the idea resonated and stuck, and after 2018, the term Sigma Male entered the lexicon—it became a meme-worthy extra talking point in contemporary discussions around masculinity. The Sigma Male is like the Alpha Male, except he doesn't need money, power, or sexual exploits to feel successful, although he's often not short of any of these. He's not overly dependent on anyone. You don't have to be a guy to embody the Sigma Male personality. Gals are welcome to do this quiz to see where they fit on the dude pecking order or if, like a Sigma Male, they reject it altogether.

History lesson

What's up with the Greek alphabet?

The Greek alphabet has 24 letters, each with a unique sound and shape. The letters were originally used to write the Greek language, but they were also adopted by other languages, including Latin, Cyrillic, and Armenian.

The history of the Greek alphabet can be traced back to the Phoenician alphabet, which was used in the eastern Mediterranean region around the 12th century BCE. The Phoenician alphabet was the first alphabet to use symbols to represent sounds rather than pictures.

The Greeks adapted the Phoenician alphabet to create their own alphabet, which they used to write their language. The Greek alphabet was based on the Phoenician alphabet, but the Greeks added several new letters to represent sounds that were unique to the Greek language.

The Greek alphabet was used for a variety of purposes, including writing literature, recording historical events, and communicating important information. The Greeks also used their alphabet to create mathematical symbols, which are still used in math today.

One of the most important contributions of the Greek alphabet was the creation of vowels. The Phoenician alphabet did not have any symbols to represent vowels, but the Greeks added five vowel symbols to their alphabet. This innovation allowed for more accurate representation of their language and improved communication.

The Greek alphabet had a significant impact on Western culture. It was the first alphabet to be used to write down ideas rather than just record transactions or events. The Greeks used their alphabet to write plays, poetry, and philosophical works that are still studied today.

The Greek alphabet also influenced the development of the Latin alphabet, which is used in many Western languages, including English. The Latin alphabet is based on the Greek alphabet, with some letters added or modified to represent sounds that are unique to the Latin language.


Did you know?

What Is the difference between Alpha and Beta Males?

You should be familiar with the Alpha type because they're sprinkled liberally across modern on-screen storytelling. Think Don Draper from Mad Men, Tony Stark from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. They're good-looking, charming, a hit with the ladies (and men), and often have truckloads of money or are experts at what they do. But do you know who else features prominently in all the hit books and series? Beta males. Countless narratives involve love triangles with beta males. Beta males are like Peeta from The Hunger Games or Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. They'd rather be baking than accompanying protagonists on death-defying adventures, and yet they are unlikely heroes who foil the plans of Alphas and nab the love interest's heart. These days, to be called a Deta in online manosphere discourse is an insult associated with simping or capitulating to women. There are even more categories to explore, like Delta and Gamma, FYI.

How to Play?

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