How Much do You Know About the History of Sin City?


Everyone knows the line: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. That adage came from a marketing campaign, but it might apply to one of your trips to Sin City. Vegas got the nickname over 50 years ago because it was a destination with legalized gambling and prostitution and strip clubs liberally located throughout the city. Those are some of the reasons why Las Vegas averages over 42 million visitors annually. You can do things there you wouldn't do at home. But what do you really know about Las Vegas? How was the town founded? What brought people there? Who built Vegas? Hint: if you think it was the Mafia, you're wrong.

Did you know?

The biggest attraction in Vegas

Las Vegas has featured some of the biggest names in entertainment, countless world championship fights, and nightly shows by the biggest and best entertainers in the world. All of these pale when compared to the biggest attraction ever in Las Vegas: the atomic bomb. From 1951 to 1963, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission conducted over 100 above-ground tests 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce began advertising the tests as a tourist attraction and gave Vegas the nickname of Atomic City. The flash from the bomb's ignition and the mushroom cloud that followed could be seen throughout Vegas. Hotels featured atomic cocktails and bomb viewing parties; the Chamber created a Miss Atomic Energy beauty contest. The risk from the blasts and radiation was basically ignored except that Las Vegas schools issued military-style dog tags to students for identification purposes.

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