How Much Do You Know About the Denver Nuggets?

Before the Denver Nuggets were the Nuggets, they went by a few other names, but only a true fan would know the team's previous names. Do you? If you think you know everything there is to know about the Denver Nuggets, you've come to the right place to test your mental mettle. Whether you're a fan of the team or you're simply full of fun NBA facts, this quiz will put your Nuggets knowledge to the test. Each question will give you four answers to choose from, and if you get in trouble, we've given you a hint. It wasn't easy for the Nuggets to score victory in 2023, and we didn't go easy on the facts in this quiz either. If you think you're up to the challenge and ready to take the shot, we're ready to blow the horn. Let's see how much you truly know about the Denver Nuggets. Find out with this quiz!

Trivia time

Denver Nuggets facts to impress your friends

  1. The Highest Scoring Game: On December 13, 1983, the Denver Nuggets played in the highest-scoring game in NBA history against the Detroit Pistons. The final score was 186-184 in favor of the Pistons after three overtimes.
  2. First Female NBA Scout: In 1980, the Denver Nuggets made history by hiring the NBA's first female scout, Bonnie Downing.
  3. The Rainbow Skyline Jerseys: The Denver Nuggets are famous for their "Rainbow Skyline" jerseys, which they wore from 1982 to 1993. These jerseys featured a rainbow-colored city skyline and are considered some of the most iconic in NBA history.
  4. The Shortest Player: The shortest player to ever play for the Denver Nuggets was Earl Boykins, who stood 5 feet 5 inches tall. He played for the Nuggets from 2003 to 2007.
  5. The ABA Days: Before joining the NBA, the Denver Nuggets were a part of the American Basketball Association (ABA) and were known for their high-scoring games. They even made it to the ABA Finals in 1976 but lost to the New York Nets.
  6. The 3-Point Revolution: The Denver Nuggets were among the first teams to embrace the three-point shot. During the 1987-88 season, they led the league in three-point attempts and makes.
  7. International Flair: The Denver Nuggets have a rich history of international players. Notably, they drafted Nikola Jokić, a Serbian player, in the second round of the 2014 NBA Draft, who has since become one of the league's top players.
  8. The Denver Stiffs: In the 1980s, the Denver Nuggets' fast-paced and high-scoring style of play earned them the nickname "The Denver Stiffs."
  9. The 57-Point Game: On April 28, 2021, Jamal Murray scored 57 points in a playoff game against the Utah Jazz, setting a franchise record for the most points in a playoff game.
  10. Community Involvement: The Denver Nuggets are actively involved in the community through their charity, Kroenke Sports Charities, which focuses on improving the lives of families and children in Colorado.

Did you know?

The Nuggets had two different names

Although the team was first accepted into the NBA in 1967, they didn't always go by the name of Denver Nuggets. In fact, the names they've gone by in the past include names that are just as interesting. First known as the Denver Larks, then the Denver Rockets, a 1974 change saw the team finally change its name to the one we know now. But that's not all that's changed about the Nuggets. Over the years, the team colors have changed, even if you didn't notice it. Most recently, the team's red, blue, and gold received a slight tone-down that most fans probably missed.

Additionally, the team mascot, Rocky, has changed several times. Rocky is named after the Rocky Mountains, which houses a large portion of Colorado, where the Nuggets play in Denver at Ball Arena. Do you prefer one of the team's names or mascot changes? If so, the team always takes fan suggestions.

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