How Much Do You Know About LGBTQ Culture and History?


Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) history and culture is North American history and culture. They've made contributions in politics and pop culture, sports and civil rights. Members of this community have a lot more to say for themselves than the silly catchphrases of their stereotyped representatives. This quiz checks in on what you know about the fight for gay liberation and the renowned individuals and actions that have changed the views of LGBTQs in contemporary culture.

Did you know?

Questioning what LGBTQ stands for?

The acronym LGBTQ is used commonly today. But what does it actually stand for? Not everyone is sure. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and…well that is the stumper. The Q can, in fact, stand for Queer or Questioning. You may even see the acronym LGBTQQ when someone wants to be particularly inclusive and doesn’t care about unwieldy letter soup. You might also see an “I” in there. That’s representing those who are “Intersex,” but who don’t embrace the term transsexual. Someone else might add an “A” for the straight allies who support the Queer movement. 
Plus, a word about the word “queer.” This was originally a negative term for homosexuality, but these days it has been mostly reclaimed as an umbrella term affirming homosexuality. You might encounter Queer theorists at an academic conference or a Queer literature section in a bookshop.

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