How Much Do You Know About Internet History?


Today, it seems that 90% of our lives our on the internet. Family reunions consist of people walking around an event center with their phones in their faces. Communication with bosses is done via text and email.

Over a third of the world uses the internet now, and 80% of the people in first world countries do. It's safe to say that in ten years, the number will be close to 100%. After all, everyone and their grandma has a Facebook page these days.

It's easy to check your Instagram and Snapchat regularly, but have you ever thought about how they got there? When did social media begin? What year did the first website launch? Where did the internet even come from? After taking this quiz, you'll know nearly everything there is to know about internet history.

Then you can post your results on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and wherever else you can find people to feign being impressed. When in actuality, they want to go see if they can get a higher score than you. Bet they can't!

The point in quizzes is to learn rather than show off anyway, right? Prove to yourself that you can learn by taking this internet history quiz that covers events that date all the way back to the dawning of the internet itself!

Did you know?

The Internet is Physically Small But Takes More Power Than You Can Imagine

Let’s start with the fact that the Internet requires approximately 50 million horsepower in electricity. With almost 9 billion electronic devices connected to the internet at any given time, the electricity that it takes to power them for one day is incredible. To really get how much that is, it takes about 30 million horsepower to power a space shuttle engine. That’s supposed to be one of the strongest and most demanding sources of energy in the world. But the internet requires more.

Talk about requirements; it takes 2 billion electrons to produce a single email message. Electrons are small, yes, but that doesn’t mean that 2 billion for one message isn’t a lot when billions of messages are sent every single day. It makes sense since over a third of the population of the world uses the internet, and most of those users are active emailers. They at least get spam every single day. As for North America, almost 80% of residents use the internet every single day.

All this said, the internet itself weighs little more than a strawberry. You may say that you didn’t know it weighed anything, but the truth is, hardly anything (if anything) is without mass. All of those electrons you send out on a daily basis makes up a part of that strawberry.

Want to know where most of this is coming from? YouTube. Every minute, about 72 hours of YouTube videos are being uploaded. In one hour, that’s over 4,000 hours! Which is five months’ worth of footage in just one hour. That can add up so fast that by the time you wait one day, you’ve had years upon years of footage to watch. No wonder that 50 million horsepower is needed!

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