How Much Do You Know About Indianapolis Colts?


The Indianapolis Colts, a cornerstone of American football in the heart of the Midwest, have etched a remarkable journey in the chronicles of the National Football League. Established in 1953, they began their legacy in Baltimore, Maryland, before making the monumental move to Indianapolis in 1984. Throughout their storied history, the Colts have seen both triumphs and challenges. From their early days in Memorial Stadium to their modern era in the impressive Lucas Oil Stadium, the Colts have showcased their prowess on the gridiron. Championships have graced their timeline, with notable victories in Super Bowl V and XLI. Legends like Johnny Unitas and Peyton Manning have donned the Colts' jersey, leaving indelible marks on the franchise. Remember the intense rivalry with the New England Patriots? Or the euphoria of their Super Bowl win against the Chicago Bears in 2006?

The Colts' narrative is one of perseverance and passion. From their origins in Baltimore to their current home in Indianapolis, they've been a testament to the spirit of competition and the love of the game. So, gear up and dive deep into the rich tapestry of the Indianapolis Colts' history. Are you set to tackle our trivia gauntlet?

History lesson

Naptown's Jazz Age Roots

Indianapolis, often dubbed "Naptown," is a name that's been surrounded by misconceptions over the years. Far from being a nod to the city's supposedly sleepy nature, the moniker "Naptown" is deeply rooted in the city's vibrant jazz culture from the 1920s. The earliest mention of "Naptown" can be traced back to a 1927 article in the Indianapolis Recorder, the city's leading African-American newspaper at the time. This wasn't a term of derision; it was a hip and fun way to refer to Indianapolis. The term was frequently used in the context of music, sports, and various city events, highlighting the city's bustling cultural scene.

The African-American community played a pivotal role in popularizing this nickname. The Indianapolis Recorder, for instance, used "Naptown" in a positive light, emphasizing cultural events that the community was proud of. Similarly, the Evansville Argus, another Black newspaper, began using "Naptown" interchangeably with "Indianapolis." By the 1940s, even mainstream newspapers like the Indianapolis Times began to adopt the term, albeit sparingly.

The 1920s saw African American performers and musicians informally referring to Indianapolis as "Naptown," emphasizing the most prominent syllable in the name Indianapolis. This trend continued into World War II when soldiers stationed in the city, seeking the warmth and hospitality of Service Men's Centers, began affectionately calling Indianapolis "Naptown." Today, the nickname is embraced in various facets of the city's culture, from sports leagues to blogs. However, its origins in the city's rich Black cultural history underscore the depth and significance of the term "Naptown."

Did you know?

The Horseshoe Helmets

The Indianapolis Colts' iconic horseshoe logo is instantly recognizable to football fans everywhere. But did you know that this emblem has a history as rich as the team itself? When the team was established in Baltimore in 1953, they adopted the horseshoe logo, which has since become synonymous with the franchise. The horseshoe, often associated with good luck, seemed to bring just that to the Colts in their early years.

However, the placement of the horseshoe on the helmet has seen a few changes over the years. Originally, the horseshoe was positioned at the back of the helmet, with the open end pointing upward. It wasn't until the team's move to Indianapolis in 1984 that the logo was shifted to its current position on the sides of the helmet, with the open end pointing forward.

This seemingly minor change was significant in many ways. It not only represented a fresh start for the team in a new city but also symbolized the team's forward-looking vision and drive to achieve greater heights. Over the years, the horseshoe has seen the Colts through many victories, including their memorable Super Bowl wins.

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