How Much Do You Know About Hot Dogs?


Hot dogs are cooked sausages that are normally steamed or grilled and served on bread or a sliced bun. They are amazing! What people put on them depend on the region and their preference. The condiments usually chosen are mustard, onions, mayonnaise, cheese, ketchup, etc. You know that eating contests are all about this food, right? There is a Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest where in 2017 Joey Chestnut ate 72! Hot dogs originated from Frankfurt, Germany, giving this wiener the name Frankfurter! How much do you know about hot dogs? Take a bite out of this quiz and see how much you know!

Did you know?

Dodger Dogs are named after the Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium.

The 10-inch-long hot dog is named after the Major League Baseball franchise the Los Angeles Dodgers. So how did the Dodger Dog come about? Thomas Arthur worked 29 years as a concession stand manager at the Dodger Stadium and came up with an idea. Morrell Meat Company made the 10-inch hot dog, and a Dodgers' chief sponsor took over the needs of the stadium. Based upon the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, at least 2 million hot dogs were sold in the 2011 season. There are even two lines for the Dodger Dog when you go to order! One for steamed hot dogs and one for grilled hot dogs. Of course, due to the success of the Dodger Dog, there is a small chain of restaurants in Southern California. There, right now, is even a Supreme Dodger Dog that is made of 100% beef instead of 100% pork. Doyer Dogs were made too, as a Mexican themed spinoff of the famous named hot dog. It is topped with chili, jalapenos, and salsa on a hot dog and bun. Due to the Dodger Dog fame, prices are subject to change from $5 to now $10 a hot dog! This is to discourage patrons at the ball park from doubling up on the hot dogs since there is a Dodger Dog shortage.

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