How Much Do You Know About Gambling?

Gambling has likely been around since currency or even longer and remains one of both enjoyment and heartbreak for many. While there are millions of people who have won big in their lives, more people have left losers. While winning the lottery could change your life overnight, there are countless tales of people losing everything. In addition to casinos and the cities and towns they support, most states have their lotteries. Churches have their bingo, and a "gentleman's bet" might be placed with a work colleague at the water cooler when your two alma maters square up in a college football game next week.

Just remember - the house always wins.

Did you know?

An estimated $4.7+ was bet on the Super Bowl in 2016.

Gambling has likely been around since before currency and quite possibly speech. For those that ever gambled in a back room mahjong game in a dirty alley of Shanghai or Hong Kong without a word of Mandarin or Cantonese respectively, you'll know that you can pantomime a wager pretty easily. It's with that we posit that it's entirely possible that two cavemen were able to negotiate a wager where they bet on the success of a hunter as he set out to feed his family or village on the meat of the giant, tusked, and now extinct wooly mammoth.

You can't watch a football game (soccer) on UK television without being reminded that now is the time to place your second half bets now with the prodding of a celebrity to download an app or head to the countless online betting sites.

On the other side of that coin, is not a nation encouraging you to bet like the UK but the world's most populous country, China, strictly forbidding all gambling on the mainland. But even with the illegality, Chinese people will always find a way to gamble, and they truly love it. Hong Kong has two of the most popular race-courses to "play the ponies" by attendance, and the nearby Chinese-controlled Macao surpassed Las Vegas as the spot that takes in the most casino money nearly a decade ago with no sign of letting up soon.

Gambling stories have seen Grammy Awards and Oscars won, fun casino heist romps as well as depictions of very real organized crime stories as "How Vegas Came To Be" and the match-fixing of The 1919 World Series by the Chicago Black Socks.

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