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Fortnite is possibly the most successful game in history, and after the somewhat lackluster start to Apex Legends, it looks like it might stay that way. Within the first two weeks of its release, Fortnite gained 10 million players, and that has steadily risen to over 250 million. The game's developers were so unprepared for such a massive uptick, they've had to drop other games in development just to keep up.

So, we get it; you like Fortnite. But, here's the question: where are you on the spectrum from Noob to Pro? Do you think you know everything there is to know about your favorite game? If so, why not test your knowledge with this Fortnite quiz. Some of these questions are easy enough for even a noob to answer. Be warned, however -- others will test even the most knowledgeable players. Ready? Go!

Did you know?

How Did Battle Royale Games Begin?

No one can point to the very first iteration of a battle royale game, but most generally agree they originated with the "last man standing" multi-player modes in games like Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament. It wasn't until April 2012 that Minecraft -- prior to its phenomenal popularity -- saw a surge in Hunger Games-style servers popping up around the world. The first official battle royale game, DayZ, was released in December 2013 and received widespread acclaim. In March 2017, the PUBG corporation released PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the development of which is led by Brendan Greene, the original creator of DayZ. Just six months later, Fortnite was released, changing the battle royale genre forever and creating a real-life battleground between Fortnite and PUBG, along with future contenders.

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