How Much Do You Know About '80s Comedy Films?


The '80s were a great era for filmmaking, especially in the genre of comedy. Directors like John Hughes flourished during this era. And actors like Robin Williams and Eddie Murphy got their start during this comedic Renaissance. It was an era of romantic comedies, coming of age comedies, Christmas comedies, sci-fi comedies, and weird, fantasy comedies. It seems that most of the films during this decade intended to make an audience laugh. With so many movies to watch, have you seen all of them? Test your knowledge of '80s comedy films with this quiz!


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Did you know?

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was written in less than a week?

This film was written, co-produced, and directed by ‘80s directing legend John Hughes. He came up with the basic storyline on February 25, 1985, and pitched it to Paramount Pictures the following day. Hughes worked in a sort of trance-like state as he wrote the script, and filmed what was essentially the first draft. It’s said that he wrote it to all take place in one day so that he would have more freedom in editing the final cut of the movie—he didn’t have to worry about costume changes for the characters messing up the plot.

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