How Much About "The Twilight Zone" Do You Know?


The Twilight Zone combined science fiction with horror to create scenarios that terrified its viewers for five seasons beginning in 1959. As the United States was racing towards space and rumors of war hung over the country, the Twilight Zone found an endless supply of frightening headlines to work with. Twists were the hallmark of the stories, and underlying moral lessons were often included. From the surreal to astronauts lost in a time warp to downright disturbing human behavior, the Twilight Zone was a place where you could experience it all with Rod Serling, creator, and narrator, guiding the journey.

Are you ready to enter the Twilight Zone?

Did you know?

Rod Serling also wrote Night Gallery

Rod Serling was from upper New York and based several of his episodes on places from his past. The carousel in Recreation Park in Binghamton, NY, was featured in the “Walking Distance”; it has been in continuous operation since 1925. “The Encounter” episode contained racial overtones, so it was never rebroadcast in syndication until 2004. Rod Serling also wrote the television series in 1969 that focused more on suspense and horror than the Twilight Zone. He drew heavily on his past in the military and his interest in boxing as his source of inspiration for his scripts on both television series.

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