How Much About Gilligan's Island Do You Know?
Gilligan's Island was a fun TV series featuring a diverse group of castaways stranded on a remote island. From the Skipper to the first mate, the movie star, the ultra-rich couple, and more, each week, the castaways had to find ways to work and live together while facing a variety of challenges. From headhunters looking for a wife to musicians that found their way to the island, viewers knew each week would bring tongue-in-cheek antics and laughter.
Although the TV series didn't run as long as some of its counterparts of the day, Gilligan's Island remains an iconic series still watched by fans today. Have you caught every episode on late-night reruns? Do you know how the stranded crew was rescued? Were they rescued? If you're an expert on the show, this quiz should be a breeze!

Did you know?

Gilligan's Island sails off into the sunset

When Gilligan's Island was initially presented to TV executives, they weren't overly impressed. After a test run, results showed the viewing audience was captivated by the characters and wanted to see more. This led to the show being picked up as a regular series.
After the third season, the series was expected to run another year, but it was moved to a new night and time, replacing the long-running, much-beloved TV western Gunsmoke. When the wife of the executive responsible for canceling Gunsmoke found out her favorite show was on the chopping block, that decision was suddenly overturned, which meant Gilligan's Island bit the dust.

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