How Many Vampires, Real or Not, Can You Name?


Real or not, vampires have their own place in our collective memory. They're all around us, on television, in movies, and literature. Some are incredibly ugly and scary-looking because that's how vampires were portrayed. Lately, vampires have been given a different look: young, sexy, smart, and rich. Regardless, everybody knows vampires are all about two things: blood and biting. So, how many vampires can you name? You can probably name Dracula, but do you know his full name? And, do you know the real person after whom Dracula was modeled? You also probably know that superstars such as Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise have played vampires. But do you know the names of their characters? Can you tap into that memory and name these famous vampires? We promise you'll have a bloody good time!

Did you know?

Vampires originated in Europe, and were based on a real disease

Stories about vampires began in Europe in the Middle Ages when plagues and diseases threatened people throughout the continent. Vampires became a handy way to explain why many people were becoming sick and dying. During this period, there was a rare blood disorder in Eastern Europe called porphyria. The effects of this disease might have been the reason many people began to believe in vampires. The symptoms of porphyria include sensitivity to light and receding gums. When a victim of porphyria was exposed to sunlight, their skin would burn and blister. The receding gum line gave the impression these people had elongated teeth. On top of that, the effects of light sensitivity could cause some people to lose their ears and nose. Put all of that together, and you have someone who looks a lot like vampires, such as Nosferatu.

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