Put Your "South Park" Knowledge to the Test: How Many Seasons Have You Watched?


Since their 1997 debut, the residents of South Park have captured the hearts and minds of millions with their hilarious antics and reflections on current events. The subversive small Colorado town created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker is beloved by audiences. New deals with broadcasters see Stan, Kyle, Eric, and the rest of the South Park crew, continuing their love affair with the viewing public through at least 2030. A show with so much history has a ton of storylines to follow. What really happened to Kenny with the space station? What's the true story with Mr. Garrison's presidential run? What happens with Stan and Kyle? How does your South Park knowledge stack up? Let's find out!

Did you know?

Jerry Seinfeld wanted to be on South Park

Legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld was said to feel slighted after South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone offered him a bit part as a turkey whose only lines were gobbles. The Seinfeld creator was reported to be genuinely interested in the show. When Stone and Parker offered the 90s comedy icon the role of “Turkey Number 2,” which had no spoken English lines, it was clear that it would be impossible for the audience to distinguish what turkey among a group of turkeys Seinfeld was playing. This brand of irreverence, casting aside established, mainstream personalities in favor of comedic potential, resonated with audiences and helped build South Park into the fan favorite it is today. No one is immune from the acerbic wit of the South Park creators, from Donald Trump to Saddam Hussein. Those who find themselves in the news can count on seeing their fortunes parodied by Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

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