How Many of These Indie Movies Have You Seen?


Since the first movies, we have become obsessed with moving images and the stories we can tell with them.

They make you laugh and cry and; they're scary and uncomfortable. Since the onset of the film industry, directors, writers, and actors have pushed the limits of the art form.

A lot of movies are mega-blockbusters that just make you want to eat popcorn all day, but other filmmakers challenge norms with indie films that embrace the unusual or dig deep into a new way of telling stories.

From documentaries to animated features, movies have continued to capture our imagination, including the ones that never saw a big release or have been swallowed by time.

We've presented you with a challenge. How well do you know obscure movies? We're going to ask you questions about classics, cult films, foreign films, art-house fare, indie flicks, and more! Let's see how you match up!

Did you know?

A brief history of film.

Photographer Eadweard Muybridge made the first significant advances in serial photography, and in 1877 took a series of photographs of a galloping horse to prove a bet that a horse lifts all four legs in a run. In 1887, celluloid came into use as the film medium. William Dickson of the Edison Company built on Muybridge’s technology to create the kinetograph, the first motion picture camera. The Lumiere brothers then created the first projector in 1895. The first motion pictures were closer to documentaries and real-life subjects, but Georges Melies changed the industry by creating original stories with film and created one of the first film studios in 1897.

Until 1927, films were produced without sound and were sometimes augmented by live music, and even human narration, and quickly, the cinema became the most dynamic new form of entertainment.

Said Jean-Luc Godard of filmmaking:

“A story should have a beginning, a middle, and an end…but not necessarily in that order.”

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