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How Good Are You With Obscure Hollywood Trivia?

Peg, Heywise Staff
By Peg, Heywise Staff

Boy, do we have a quiz for all you movie buffs. We’ve scoured our brains to dig up with some obscure factoids about Hollywood, television, and the hidden places you can find some of your favorite actors.

We’re talking about cameos, first appearances, and other Easter eggs from your favorite (or obscure) films and television shows.

We all know Alfred Hitchcock liked to make an appearance in his films, and other creators have followed suit, but everyone has to get their start somewhere, and some actors started with some interesting appearances and did what they had to do to make it to the big time.

So, here’s the deal. We have 50 questions on obscure Hollywood (and beyond) trivia. If you get stuck, ask for a hint! Think you’re the ultimate cinephile? Try your best and see if you’re up for this fun cinematic challenge.

Did you know?


The film industry has a lot of weird industry terms—some of which make sense while others make you scratch your head and go “Huh?”

One of the most recognizable items in filmmaking is what’s known as the clapper. The clapper is the black and white sign that shows the film title and other shooting information. Another interesting term is a ‘dead cat.’ A boom microphone is the big fuzzy thing on a stick that you sometimes see in movies and television—the ‘dead cat’ is the name for the cover on the actual mike to block out distortion from the wind. Kinda cute, kinda creepy.

If you want to create different patterns of light on a background, you may find yourself using a ‘cookie,’ which gets its name from the fact that the device somewhat resembles a chocolate chip cookie. Another food-related term is the ‘cheeseplate,’ which is a multipurpose metal bracket for mounting cameras and other equipment. Who’s hungry?

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