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Toy Story was the first Disney-Pixar collaboration, released in 1995, and it’s no wonder the team created so much more together. Packed with loveable, relatable characters and touching storylines that both fascinated kids and intrigued adults, Toy Story has more than proved itself a worthy staple of childhood viewing. Chances are, you’ve seen these movies a few times. Test your trivia skills with our Toy Story quiz!

Did you know?

Before Buzz and Woody

We all love Woody and Buzz and the supporting characters of Toy Story, but like so many blockbusters, a lot changed from the original conception to the movie’s public release. First off, the show was set to be about the tin toy from an earlier Pixar short, and the show was to be titled Tin Story. In later iterations, this character became a spaceman named Lunar Larry before finally being adapted to Buzz Lightyear. Woody’s character also transformed, first designed as a ventriloquist’s dummy and the bad guy, though he was still voiced by Tom Hanks. Hindsight is 20/20, but suffice to say, most fans probably wouldn’t change the Buzz and Woody they got in the end.

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