How Do You Handle Conflict? Discover Your Resolution Style!


Chances are, you've found yourself in the middle of a disagreement at some point or another. While some people take conflict head-on, others have a more laid-back attitude. And, of course, some of us try to avoid it altogether. No matter what your approach is, we can all agree that conflict isn't fun. Unfortunately, there's no magical way to make conflict disappear entirely (wouldn't that be a great invention though?). What you can do, however, is try to learn more about our own unique approach to disagreements. What are your strengths, and what areas could use improvement? The more you understand yourself, the better you can manage conflicts in the future. So, are you ready to learn more about your go-to conflict resolution style? Take this quiz to find out. When you're done, send it to your friends to discover how they handle conflicts. You might wind up with some interesting insight into your relationships!

History Lesson

The art of crisis management: core skills of a hostage negotiator

When you think of hostage negotiators, high-stakes situations and intense conversations might come to mind. But at the heart of it all, these professionals rely on a set of core skills that can be applied in everyday scenarios. First up is active listening. It's not just about hearing words but truly understanding the emotions and intentions behind them. This involves techniques like emotional labeling, mirroring, and open-ended questioning. It's all about making the person feel heard and understood.

Next, there's the skill of using time to one's advantage. Instead of rushing to a resolution, negotiators know the value of slowing things down. This approach helps in reducing negative emotions and aids in clearer decision-making. Tied closely to this is the art of building empathy and rapport. By genuinely understanding and resonating with another person's perspective, negotiators can foster trust and open communication. This isn't just about saying the right things; it's about ensuring that verbal and non-verbal cues align to convey genuine concern and understanding.

Lastly, effective negotiators master the skills of influence and control. Influence isn't about manipulation; it's about guiding the conversation in a positive direction. As for control, it's a delicate balance. While giving the other person a sense of control, negotiators never relinquish their own. They ensure that the person feels involved in the decision-making process, all while steering towards a peaceful and voluntary resolution. Remember, in the world of negotiation, it's not just about getting what you want but ensuring a win-win for everyone involved.

Did you know?

Conflict resolution is a job field

When we hear the term "conflict resolution," most of us immediately think about personal disagreements. For some people, however, conflict resolution is actually a professional occupation.

As the name suggests, conflict resolution professionals are people who handle disputes between two or more parties. You'll commonly find them in business settings—examples include mediators, arbitrators, and contract negotiators. Once they understand the source of the conflict, they attempt to find a compromise that makes everyone happy.

Conflict resolution professionals don't just work in the corporate world; you can also hire them to help with personal problems. In conflict resolution therapy, for example, counselors teach people how to address conflict in a calm, productive manner. This therapy can work for all types of conflicts, from arguments between couples to family disputes. Not only can therapy help resolve the argument, but it also has mental health benefits. Solving conflicts is known to reduce anxiety, minimize anger, and strengthen relationships.

Do you handle conflict well? If so, maybe you could make a career out of it!

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