How Cowgirl Are You, Buckaroo?


There's a bit of cowgirl in all of us, even if you're a city boy by birth. Cowgirls root and toot, to be sure, but did you know they also holler and hoot? Clearly, there's a lot more to being a cowgirl than just the jeans and the hat. You might have a cowgirl streak in you that you never knew about until now. But how much of a cowgirl are you really? It takes all kinds to make a world, and cowgirl is a spectrum, according to honkytonkicians at Harvard. Some of us are full cowgirls and can't imagine being anything else, while others (sadly) are less than 10% cowgirl and wouldn't know which end of the mechanical bull to spill their beer over. That's why we put together this quiz, which is very advanced and scientific, to work out how much hitch is in your lady-giddyup. Are you Calamity Jane? Or would you run from a buckin' bronco like it's a bad thing? Are you ornery like a mule, or do you need a parasol to handle a hot Western sun? Answer the questions and get your results to find out whether you've got that Loretta Lynch flair.

History Lesson

Real Life of Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane, also known as Martha Jane Canary, is a name that resonates deeply with the untamed spirit of the Wild West. Her life story is a captivating blend of reality and legend, positioning her as one of America's most enigmatic historical figures. Born in the rugged terrains of Missouri, she ventured into the mysterious Black Hills of South Dakota, challenging and defying the hyper-masculine norms of her time. With the ability to shoot, ride, and drink, she stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the era's toughest cowboys. This wasn't just a mere act of rebellion; it was a bold statement of her identity.

But who truly was the woman behind the larger-than-life legend? As we delve deeper into her narrative, we uncover a life rich with tales, truths, and contradictions. Her 1896 autobiography, for instance, is viewed by many historians as a tapestry of fiction interwoven with fact. Yet, amidst the tales, certain truths emerge. Born near Princeton, Missouri, in 1856, Jane often portrayed herself as the eldest of five siblings. After facing the heart-wrenching loss of her parents, a young and resilient Jane confronted the challenges of the Wild West with unmatched determination, taking on diverse roles ranging from a laundress to a dancer.

Perhaps the most tantalizing chapter of her life revolves around her alleged relationship with the legendary Wild Bill Hickok. Their bond, romanticized by some narratives and downplayed by others, remains shrouded in mystery. Jane's own accounts of their relationship varied over time, adding layers of intrigue to the enigma. But beyond the tales, speculations, and myths stands a woman of indomitable spirit and fierce independence. Her journey, marked by thrilling adventures, daunting challenges, and acts of unparalleled bravery, paints a vivid picture of a woman unyielding in her determination to carve her own path, even in a world that often sought to confine her.

Did you know?

who the first cowgirl is?

Miss Lucille Mulhall, originally of St. Louis, was the first recognized cowgirl. President Teddy Roosevelt coined the term (because of course he did. Who else could have?) to describe the then-16-year-old star of the Mulhall Ranch in Oklahoma in 1900. Legend has it that the recently re-elected president was impressed with Lucy's riding and (jokingly) told her he'd invite her to his inaugural parade if she could rope a wolf. Lucy disappeared, and three days later she caught up with the president on horseback, carrying a wolf she had hogtied.

Even though Lucy was the first lady cowpoke to wear the title, the idea of the cowgirl goes back a few decades to before her birth. As far back as 1862, the Homestead Act was giving up to 160 acres of land away to new farmers out west. Those farmers brought their wives and young'uns with them to break sod and raise cattle under the big sky of the prairie. The living was hard, but the girls whose families stuck it out grew up as a special kind of lady; one who could shoot and spit as easy as she could cook warm dinners and love her family.

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