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Hey, smartypants - trivia knows no bounds. From politics to history. Science to religion. Biology to chemistry. Pop-culture to the fringe. Fiction to nonfiction. And from the most minuscule of things to the largest of things imaginable, there's no shortage of trivia out there. Let's see how you rate on the “Jack of all trades to a master of none scale” by taking this broad-reaching quiz.


Quiz WriterNathan

Let us introduce you to the Listicle Liege, the Article Aficionado, the one and only Nathan. Since creating his first photo collage at the age of five with images clipped from his mom’s Chatelaine magazines (all of them), it’s been nearly impossible to stem this one’s tide of visual learning. Be it the annals of history or the latest celeb gossip, Nathan has probably researched it, likely already has a folder of relevant photos on his desktop, and definitely learned a lot of interesting facts to go with those images. Whereas most well-read adults have bookshelves full of classic literature, Nathan’s stacks are composed of National Geographic and TIME special editions and a curated section of first-grade readers (for inspiration). If you prefer picture books to wordy novels, listicles by Nathan are right up your alley.

Did you know?

Did you know that the city of Seattle has a unique, underground tour based on its unusual history?

The tour has been in operation since 1954 and is one of the funniest, most bizarre and interesting glimpses into the growth of cities in the relatively young nation known as the United States of America. Seattle is known for grunge music, the Space Needle, rainy weather and for its beautiful and bountiful geographic location. Walking around the city's Pioneer Square, the old part of the city, you might notice glass-blocks on some of the sidewalks. Believe it or not, there's entire city blocks of old, street-level storefronts and household entrances existing right there below your feet. The city had continual flooding problems in its heyday, and then the great fire of 1889 destroyed dozens of city blocks. Upon rebuilding, the city decided to build higher and higher from block to block in a perpendicular direction from the shoreline of Puget Sound. Retaining walls were built on both sides of the streets as the city rose up from the waterline, but then as the new street-level entrances appeared above, the old ones still remained a story or so below the new “ground level.” There's spots in the tunnels under the current city street level that rise up to 35 feet high. Words can't describe how bizarre this city feature is without experiencing it oneself.

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