Hey Landlubber, Which "Our Flag Means Death" Character Are You?

Our Flag Means Death is a comedy series that's taken the world by storm — and for good reason! The show follows the adventures of the real-life pirate Stede Bonnet and the infamous Blackbeard, as well as the shenanigans of Stede's ragtag crew. If you were on board, would you be a brooding, leather-wearing scoundrel like Blackbeard or a fashionable charmer like Stede? Or maybe you're like the fiery, mysterious Jim or level-headed Oluwande? Well avast ye matey! Batten down the hatches and pray for fair winds because this quiz will let you know!

Did you know?

There's a reason so many pirates wore eyepatches

And it's not because they were missing an eye! During the Golden Age of Piracy (when the heroes of Our Flag Means Death were roaming the seas), a lack of light belowdecks meant it took a while for sailors' eyes to adjust between being in the bright sunlight above deck and the dim light below deck. Disorientation of any kind could spell certain danger to pirates in a crucial fight. To fix this problem, they wore an eyepatch so that one eye was always adjusted to darkness!

How to Play?

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