Have You Got the Medical Chops to Spot Appendicitis?


Appendicitis mainly affects people between the ages of 5 and 40. In the U.S., around 250,000 cases are diagnosed each year, and appendicitis is one of the most frequent reasons behind hospital visits for children between 5 and 17. Do you know what causes appendicitis? Do you even know what symptoms to look for? With so many diagnoses every year, most of us at least know someone who has had appendicitis — but that once-removed knowledge can lead to Dunning-Kruger effect, wherein the less we know about a given subject, the more information we think we have! So, even if you think you know what to watch out for, you'd better take this quiz just to find out where you fall on the "expert" scale. And remember, if you have any concerns, you should always see your doctor; better to be safe than sorry!

Did you know?

Who Discovered the Appendix?

There is no record of the human appendix until 1522. It's likely that some doctors knew of its existence before then, but it was Berengarius Carpus, a surgeon in Bologna, who first recorded a description after conducting a dissection. Anesthetics were not invented until the 19th century, so the doctors around Carpus' time and before preferred to let conditions like appendicitis sort themselves out. The logic was, they would rather allow the patient to die a peaceful death than cut them open and subject them to horrific pain and a high risk of infection. This seems silly to us now, but back then, surgery was an absolute last resort. The chances of surviving any kind of surgery were so slim, a patient would only go for an operation if death was certain anyway. To add insult to injury, much less was known about proper techniques, and many patients died from excessive blood-letting.

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