The Hardest WWI Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Everyone knows a little something about World War II, but not many people know much about World War I. I mean, people just know about the great devastations on the world following the second war. From the Holocaust to atomic bombs to Hitler’s reign. But quick, give me five fast facts about WWI. Can you?


Obviously, you do know something or else you wouldn’t be here. You think you’re the expert in the 1910s era so you’re here to test you’re here to test your knowledge on that first World War. Have you ever heard of Little Willie? How much do you know about pre-Depression artillery? What did Woodrow Wilson have to do with the First Great War? If you can give me a few facts on these questions, then I think you’re ready for the hardest World War I quiz you’ll ever take! Let’s get started!

Did you know?

German Trenches Were Practically Apartments

British trenches during World War I were pretty basic. They were built to be efficient but were not given many amenities. You see, British trenches were jam packed and not often well-built. Soldiers have told stories of the smell from other soldiers, not being given room to do their bathroom duties. This did nothing to add to the effects of shell shock and PTSD that so many were faced with post-war. German trenches, however, were built to sustain soldiers for an incredible amount of time. They were comfortable in their bunk beds, chairs, tables, desks, and more. They even had water tanks with faucets, electric lights, and doorbells! You know, in case the Allies came knocking they could just ring the doorbell and hop right in. How polite!

However, they still struggled with the same things that any other station did. Such as fleas and termites infesting their belongings. Sharing amenities and toiletries. Too many dirty clothes and not enough resources or people to wash them. Then, of course, the death and injuries. No matter where you were in the war, death was present. Innocent people died, many of them having no idea what they were even fighting for. Being drafted for causes, they knew nothing about! Sure, their trenches might have been more comfortable, but their PTSD and the death they were forced to witness was one in the same as what every other country saw. No one lived a life of luxury during WWI, no matter how “luxurious” their trench.

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