Hair Theory Test - What Style Should You Wear?

The TikTok hair theory suggests that individuals can completely overhaul their look just by changing their hairstyle. We already know this—celebrity style is constantly evolving because an appealing, intriguing image is everything when you're in show business and in the public eye. Famous people have the time and money to experiment with new looks like they're Sims characters or virtual avatars in the metaverse. But regular folks often find one or two go-to hairstyles and stick with them, and only play around on Halloween. Well, if you're stuck in a rut, this quiz may confirm it, or it could point you toward another style to tinker with. And it's worth tinkering with because different hairstyles have different effects. For example, pigtails can encourage more tips in the service industry, and half-up half-down braids may attract more influencer views. Whether your default style is practical or whimsical, you deserve time for self-care, so twirl those locks and let's get started.

History lesson

Women's hair through the centuries

In ancient civilizations, such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome, women's hairstyles were often elaborate and highly ornamented, reflecting their status and wealth. In ancient Egypt, women adorned their hair with wigs, braids, and gold ornaments, while Greek women favored intricate updos, often decorated with flowers and jewelry. On the other hand, Roman women experimented with various hairstyles, including braids, curls, and chignons, often using hairpieces to achieve the desired effect.

During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, women's hairstyles became more modest and subdued, with many women wearing long and loose hair or in simple braids. However, the elaborate styles of the past were not entirely forgotten, as noblewomen occasionally donned intricate headdresses and jeweled hairnets for special occasions.

The 18th and 19th centuries saw a resurgence in elaborate hairstyles, with towering powdered wigs and intricate updos becoming popular among the European aristocracy. These styles often required the assistance of professional hairdressers and could take hours to create. In contrast, the working-class women of this period wore their hair in more practical styles, such as braids and buns.

The 20th century revolutionized women's hairstyles as social norms and expectations began to shift. In the 1920s, the iconic flapper look, characterized by the short, sleek bob, became a symbol of women's liberation and newfound independence. This trend was followed by the glamorous waves of the 1930s and 1940s, inspired by Hollywood starlets like Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth.

The post-war era saw a return to more traditional styles, with the elegant chignon and the bouffant becoming popular among women seeking a polished and sophisticated look. However, the countercultural movements of the 1960s and 1970s brought about a renewed interest in experimentation and self-expression, with long, flowing locks and the iconic "shag" haircut becoming emblematic of the era.

In recent decades, women's hairstyles have continued to evolve and diversify, with a wide range of styles available to suit every taste and preference. From the sleek and professional pixie cut to the playful and versatile "lob" (long bob), modern women's hairstyles offer endless possibilities for self-expression and creativity.

Beyond aesthetics, hairstyles can also have practical implications, as the introduction to the quiz suggests. Pigtails, for instance, may be associated with a playful and approachable demeanor, potentially increasing tips in the service industry. Similarly, the half-up half-down braid, a popular style among influencers, may serve to enhance one's online presence and appeal to a wider audience.

Did you know?

What are some interesting facts about the hair industry?

The hair industry is a billion-dollar industry, and in recent years, there's been an insatiable appetite for premium-quality synthetic and human hair products like wigs and extensions. Actors, models, and musicians now openly wear hair wigs for non-functional reasons, so prior stigmas around using them have fallen away. Micro-influencers are increasingly common in the age of social media, and these content creators and beauty trend-makers also seek to diversify their image, so the market is a burgeoning one. Much of the natural human hair for sale comes from salons and barber shops, rural sources in Russia and South America, and Indian temples that produce prized virgin Remy hair with the cuticle still intact. In 2021, the top human hair exporters were Hong Kong, Burma, India, Singapore, and China, and the U.S. was the leading importer of processed and packaged products. In addition, the hair transplant industry will be worth 43 billion USD by 2028.

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