Challenge Yourself: Guess the Title of These Video Games!

So, you know every first gen Pokemon? You know every level of Pac-Man by heart? You've reached the highest rank in at least one FPS game. You think you know video games pretty well considering you've been playing since before you could even walk. Well, now it’s time to test your knowledge and see if you can take this simple quiz and name all of these video games. That’s it!


There will be no tricky question about specific games in games in games. This is just a good old-fashioned, name that video game. Meaning, every answer will simply be the name of a video game. If I say, “which game features a plumber in a red hat?” you could guess it pretty easily. Well, I’m not going that easy on you, so watch out and think outside the box. Do you have what it takes to name these video games!

Did you know?

The First Publicly Demonstrated Electronic Game Was Bertie the Brain

Bertie the Brain was an arcade game that was identical to tic-tac-toe. It was created in 1950 to present at the Canadian National Exhibition. The game had its own specialized computer, that looked like a prototype of what we know as arcade games from the 80s. People at the exhibition played it, but soon after it was forgotten and left in the past.

A year later, a Nimrod computer was created to play the game Nim. It too never received much credit. For a decade, games were designed on a small scale but never commercialized. That’s when things really picked up. It started in the early 1960s when MIT and Harvard students created Spacewar! This was likely the first game that was continuously worked on past the first run. Fast forward a few years and Space Travel, a similar, though more popular game was released. This was a big step as one of the first mainframe games and the inspiration behind many games of today. But still, it was all chapter one.

Chapter two began in the 70s when developers decided to stop passing games around and share them with the world. Their idea? A coin-operated game! Too bad it failed. As you may know, it wasn’t until 1972 when Pong was released that the video game industry was launched. To be fair, an earlier game that inspired Pong was released in 1958 called Tennis for Two. It was just too early to have the technology to bring it to the public.

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