Go Boldly with this Star Trek Television Series Quiz


Space may be the final frontier for those aboard the ships and station of the Star Trek franchise. Nevertheless, for landlubbers who have loved the shows derived from Gene Roddenberry's original science fiction idea the final test is how much of the trivia we know about the shows.


The television franchise has been around since 1966, with a new spinoff in the works for streaming televisions near you soon. To tide you over until the next episodes launch into the galaxy, here are 50 trivia questions testing your knowledge of the Star Trek universe.

Did you know?

Gene Roddenberry’s Gumption

Show creator Gene Roddenberry was a Texas-born Air Force pilot who grew up in Los Angeles. When he joined the LAPD after serving as a commercial pilot after World War II, he began freelance writing scripts. He wrote many Westerns, and that background can be seen in the final frontier adventures of the USS Enterprise.

He first created and produced his TV series The Lieutenant before pitching his idea for Star Trek. NBC rejected the show's first pilot for several flaws including putting a woman in a position of leadership and having a character that looked like a devil. Roddenberry persisted, and his series debuted in 1966.

Roddenberry became concerned enough about fan enthusiasm for Spock over Kirk to write sci-fi guru Isaac Asimov for suggestions on how to make sure Vulcan logic didn't overshadow his Captain. The show ran for three seasons before being canceled by NBC, which in fact left the production company in debt. The last episode of the series had run less than three months before Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

Syndication of the series continued its popularity, and Roddenberry continued to consult and produce the feature films that followed. He was also heavily involved with the development of the sequel series The Next Generation.

Roddenberry was the first TV writer given a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. He was also one of the first humans to have his ashes carried into earth’s orbit.

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