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TikTok has taken the world by storm, and it's rising in popularity every single day. Alongside the app, a bunch of awesome people have skyrocketed to extreme fame and turned into worldwide celebrities seemingly overnight. Their likable personalities and fresh uploads make them seem like best friends to their large audiences. Unlike traditional celebrities, TikTokers are regular people just like their viewers. They deal with the same issues and have similar experiences. Everyone has their favorite TikToker, the one they would love to hang out with and that they identify with the most. Which TikToker are you most similar to? You're not sure? Well, you're in luck. We watched the biggest TikTok stars and analyzed their personalities with (un)scientific precision and have the answers you're looking for. Let's go!

Did you know?

Why do famous TikTokers seem to all live together?

If you've spent any time on the app, you're bound to have noticed the frequent collaborations among TikTok stars. You might have even heard about the infamous Hype House — the huge Spanish-style mansion where many of the biggest TikTok celebs live or have lived together. Huge stars such as Addison Rae, the D'Amelio sisters, and Chase Hudson have all been members of the Hype House. Why do such famous people choose to live as roommates, even though they could easily afford their own mansions? It's simple; living in close proximity to each other makes it super easy to film together and collaborate spontaneously. They can brainstorm ideas and make plans for their videos together. Also, TikTokers seem to love living with their friends. They're always having a lot of fun, and they're really enjoying each other's company. It's no wonder living in a beautiful mansion together suits them so well!.

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