Find Out Which "Grey's Anatomy" Doctor Is Your Soulmate
The sweeping romances and dreamy doctors of Grey's Anatomy have captured hearts worldwide since the popular series premiered in 2005. From Meredith's messy love triangle with Derek Shepherd to Jackson objecting at April's wedding, romance is never smooth-sailing at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital — but it's certainly around every corner! Have you ever wondered which doctor you'd be cozying up with at the hospital cafeteria if you worked at Grey-Sloan? Do you daydream about the dashing McDreamy or the fiercely ambitious Dr. Cristina Yang? Well, grab your scalpel and scrub in to take this quiz and find out who your Grey's Anatomy soulmate is!

Did you know?

"Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes doesn't write character descriptions in her scripts?

While most TV shows and movies describe a character's appearance in their scripts, Shonda Rhimes did away with that practice while writing "Grey's Anatomy" all because of Dr. Bailey. Miranda Bailey was originally described in the script for the pilot episode as a tiny white woman with curly blonde hair. But when Chandra Wilson auditioned for the role — despite not matching the script's character description — Rhimes knew she was perfect for the part and abandoned physical character descriptions for the rest of the show. Rhimes gives this advice in her television writing masterclass: "Take half the characters you made men and make them women. Take one character you were going to cast one color and cast them differently."

How to Play?

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