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The Miami Heat is one of the most colorful and exciting franchises in the National Basketball Association. The team has had seasons where it won World Championships and those where it lost more games than any other team in the NBA. The peaks and valleys experienced by the Heat make fandom both enthralling and infuriating. Did you know Miami almost didn't receive an NBA franchise? Do you know the story of how the Heat was able to hire a Hall of Fame coach who transformed the team from consistent losers into champions? Do you know what NBA city called the Heat's head coach a rat? It's all covered in this quiz for the true fan of the Miami Heat.

Did you know?

What is the story behind the biggest upset win in Heat history?

In February 1996, Pat Riley was continuing a makeover of the Heat. The team was five games under .500 and going nowhere. That February, Riley made three separate trades involving ten players, with four of the players involved in the trades coming to Miami, including Tim Hardaway. Two immediate problems were facing the Heat. First, they had a game scheduled with the Chicago Bulls, the Bulls of Jordan, and Pippen, who would go 72-10 during the 1995-96 season. Two, the players coming to Miami had yet to arrive. NBA rules require a team to dress nine players for a game; the Heat only had eight players. Before Riley had to sign someone off of the street, one of the traded players made it to Miami. The Heat went on to defeat the Bulls 113-104. One of the many reasons the win was so shocking is that the Heat scored 70 and 66 points in the two games prior, respectively.

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