Fast Food Quiz! Can You Guess These Facts?


Everyone loves fast food for its convenience, low price, and of course, its deliciousness. This culture is primarily a post World War Two phenomenon that expanded with the rise of cars and the entrance of more middle-class women into the workforce. Meaning people had less time to cook, and more disposable income.

Eating fast food every day would certainly be a health hazard. But there’s nothing wrong with a monthly or even weekly trip to McDonald’s, Chipotle, or Yo! Sushi. When it comes to your knowledge of fast food, are you a faker or a drive thru connoisseur?


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Joselyn wasn’t too keen on multiple choice in high school. She vividly remembers the first biology exam she passed by only the skin of her teeth, which dragged her overall average down into the embarrassingly low 90s (she doesn’t want to talk about it). After swearing off any high school or university courses that required multiple choice tests, Joselyn managed to get an English degree by sweet-talking her professors into offering only essay-style exams. Needless to say, this did not exactly endear her to her peers. This rocky start smoothed out in time, though, and after tumbling down a black quiz hole one day while putting off job hunting, Joselyn realized her hatred of all things a-b-or-c had faded and she actually enjoyed dreaming up new ideas for questions and dangerously correct-sounding answers. You won’t find her quizzes an easy ride, but Joselyn just wants to make sure you’re really testing your knowledge.

Did you know?

Think about waste!

Many fast food restaurants are becoming more aware of their environmental impact, particularly in three areas: packaging, energy use, and beef production. McDonald’s is switching to LED bulbs and encouraging franchisees to be more energy efficient. KFC uses recycled materials to make their packaging. Subway composts all food waste and uses furniture made without ozone-depleting substances. Burger King is using a new catalytic converter that reduces the amount of pollution its cooking processes create. Starbucks will give you a discount if you bring your own cup! You can help by recycling your packaging and having chicken instead of the much more carbon intensive beef. You can also engage on social media and encourage your favorites to figure out ways to go green.

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