Does Your Relationship Have a Beige Flag?


With more women making films and television, audiences these days get to see examples of heroes that display the opposite of toxic masculinity—men who ask for consent, are secure enough to do "girlie" things with the person they're seeing, and who tell the little boys in their life that it's okay to cry sometimes. These are examples of green flags, signs that a partner is a go for the long run. Red flags make you stop in your tracks and might include providing very little info on a dating app profile or making hurtful jokes at your expense. And now there's a new concept in the mix. Beige flags. These are minor problems or idiosyncrasies unique to individuals, such as sleepwalking or being overly passionate about a topic to a point where others might mentally check out. These various flags and behaviors are not exclusive to men, but either way, you may be wondering where you stand. Which flag will you wave at the end of this quiz?

History lesson

Navigating the relationship spectrum: unveiling couple dynamics

In the vast realm of romantic relationships, couples often find themselves on a spectrum, oscillating between harmony and discord. Dr. John Gottman's research, spanning over four decades, has shed light on this spectrum, categorizing couples into five distinct types. Each type, while unique, offers insights into the intricate dance of love and the dynamics that shape it.

At one end of the spectrum, we have the Conflict Avoiders and Validating Couples. These pairs often prioritize harmony, with the former sidestepping disagreements and the latter seeking mutual understanding. They represent relationships where calm waters run deep, emphasizing shared interests, mutual respect, and a balanced approach to conflicts. In stark contrast, the Volatile Couples thrive in the passionate ebb and flow of emotions. Their relationships are characterized by intense debates, often infused with humor and a deep sense of connection. While their fiery interactions might raise eyebrows, beneath the surface lies a bond forged in honesty and fervor.

However, not all couples find their rhythm easily. The Hostile and Hostile-Detached Couples often navigate stormier seas. While both types grapple with negativity, the former is ensnared in a cycle of blame and criticism, whereas the latter battles detachment and a palpable sense of resignation. These dynamics, though challenging, underscore the complexities of love and the myriad ways it manifests. In the end, whether you're gliding effortlessly or navigating choppy waters, understanding your relationship's dynamics can be the compass guiding you towards deeper connection and fulfillment.

Did you know?

What are the four horsemen of death in a relationship?

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is a metaphor relationship experts use for different communication styles that can herald the end of a relationship. What are the four potential death knells? There's criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling. Criticism isn't a simple complaint—it's an attack on the person's character. When criticism continues, it becomes contempt. This involves name-calling, sarcasm, and disrespect borne out of feelings of superiority. Contempt in relationships can weaken the immune system and is as sure a sign as any of an impending break-up or divorce. When faced with criticism, we become defensive and may even reverse blame rather than admit a mistake. Defensiveness tends to escalate conflict. Finally, there's stonewalling, which could mean tuning out a partner rather than productively engaging, as they express contempt. This intensifies their anger. Without changing these behaviors with known antidotes, such as showing appreciation or asking for a timeout during a fight, the relationship is doomed.

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