Does Your Knowledge of Netflix's The Crown Reign Supreme?


When it comes to Netflix and chill, you're more binge than, well, you know. You love to watch the latest trending shows as they come out, and you've definitely been known to marathon something once you're into it. So, of course, you've seen every lavish season of The Crown. With a cast featuring Helena Bonham Carter, Olivia Colman, and Josh O'Connor, how could you not? But, how much of the show do you think you retained? If you're like most of us, you watched the show while glued to your phone, Googling every little fact to see if it really happened. Sure, you know that QEII was crowned in the summer of 1953. But do you know which actress portrayed her in season 1? Or who's set to play her in season 5? Do you remember which season a certain character appeared or the name of the show's creator? Take this quiz to see whether you're the Queen of The Crown or if you're just a commoner. We can't promise your friends won't treat you differently once you've beaten them, but the crown comes with many sacrifices.

Did you know?

Seasons 1 through 4 portray five decades of fashion

The Crown begins in 1947, before Elizabeth is Queen, and continues until 1990. Because the show is based on historical figures, the costume department had endless options to recreate a world that felt authentic while nailing the personal style of the monarch and her family. Season 3 and 4 costume designer Amy Roberts focused on using fashion to add tension to the story. She paid particular attention to how the fashion of characters like Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana contrasted with the Queen's own style and personality. Season 1 and 2 designer Michele Clapton created many original designs and worked with a team of 40 cutters, sewers, and costumers to recreate the world of the aristocratic 1950s and 1960s, the beginning of the new Elizabethan era. Another season 2 costumer, Jane Petrie, created a different wardrobe for Elizabeth to wear at each of her different residences. Fans of the show will easily recall the difference between Elizabeth's style at Buckingham Palace versus Balmoral Castle.

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