Does your cat wake you up in the morning?

Happy young woman with cat in bed at home. In cold weather, the pet warms up under a blanket.

History Lesson

Yeah, cats and humans have lived together for a very long time

The domestication of cats is believed to have started around 10,000 years ago in the Near East, where wild cats were attracted to human settlements due to the availability of food. Over time, cats became an integral part of these communities, and humans began to selectively breed them for specific traits.

The ancient Egyptians were one of the first cultures to view cats as sacred animals. They worshipped a cat goddess named Bastet, and it was believed that killing a cat was a grave offense punishable by death. Cats were often depicted in Egyptian art and were mummified and buried with their owners to provide companionship in the afterlife.

The Romans also had a deep appreciation for cats and brought them to Britain during their conquest in 43 CE. It is believed that the Romans used cats to control the rodent population on their ships and in their homes. This practice was continued in Britain, where cats became popular as household pets.

During the Middle Ages, cats were associated with witchcraft and black magic, and many were killed due to superstition. However, they continued to be valued as effective hunters of vermin and were often kept in monasteries and other religious institutions.

In the 19th century, cats began to gain popularity as pets in Europe and North America. The first cat show was held in London in 1871, and the first cat club was established in Britain in 1898. Cats were bred for specific traits and were selectively bred to create new breeds, such as the Siamese and Persian.

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Did you know?

Cats smell more than you do

Cats have long been known for their sharp senses, and their sense of smell is no exception. In fact, cats have an incredibly keen sense of smell, and it plays a crucial role in how they survive and what they think of you. A specialized organ in their noses called the vomeronasal organ, is responsible for detecting pheromones. This device allows them to detect scents that are undetectable to you and me, such as the pheromones left behind by other cats or other predators in the area.

Their sense of smell lets them differentiate scents. It helps them hunt! Just like dogs, they can detect the scent of prey from a considerable distance. They also use their sense of smell for communication, marking their territory. So if you see your cat sniffing at things or turning their nose into the air, you can rest assured that it's not because they're snubbing you!

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