Docile or Daredevil? Take this Rice Purity Test


There are so many ways you can go through life. Some of us like to grab the bull by the horns — be bold, daring, and a little dirty. Some of us are more cautious, avoiding the scarier or more sensual scenarios, and being more careful and reserved. Have you ever wondered how you compare to others when it comes to the things you've done or tried? Are you one of the gutsier folks in your friend group who's seen and done it all? Or are you the more naive, inexperienced pal whose adult bucket list is still pretty long? Take this rice purity test and find out.

Did you know?

Rice University doesn't just give tests on academics

Rice University in Houston, TX, actually started a tradition of having students fill out a purity test in 1924. The "Rice Purity Test" was originally published in the school's student-run newspaper, The Thresher, in 1924. The original test was (unsurprisingly, perhaps) only taken by female students. Other universities across the U.S. caught wind of the Rice Purity Test, and they started doling out their own version of the survey, which basically measured the taker's experience or boldness. Over the years, the test has gotten more risque and sometimes offensive (it's been edited over time to take out potentially hurtful questions), and a version of the test recently surfaced THIS YEAR (almost 100 years since it was first given) on TikTok.

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