Do You Think You Could Pass a US Citizenship Exam?


These days, gaining citizenship is no easy task. It takes determination, heart, and a ton of money. But it also takes knowledge. You may think that if you're born a citizen then all of a sudden, passing a citizenship exam would be a piece of cake. But is that true? We've taken questions from actual citizenship exams for this quiz. Now you can get a feel for what it's like to have to take one of these things. You may think you're patriotic, but how much do you actually know about the country that you call home? The land of the brave and the home of the free! Or is it the other way around? Can you quote the national anthem? Do you know what it's called?

Can you name at least one of the Bill of Rights from the Constitution? Or is the Bill of Rights something found in the Declaration of Independence. In most cases, citizenship tests are not to see if your heart is loyal to the country, but if your mind is knowledge of what it takes to be American. We're not talking about knowledge of Oprah, apple pie, and football (though it wouldn't hurt to know that football is soccer in most countries). This is a test to see if you know your president, your government, and your next-door neighbors. So give it a whirl if you dare to see if you are a patriotic, law-abiding citizen, ready to ace any exam about your country!


Quiz WriterJoselyn

Joselyn wasn’t too keen on multiple choice in high school. She vividly remembers the first biology exam she passed by only the skin of her teeth, which dragged her overall average down into the embarrassingly low 90s (she doesn’t want to talk about it). After swearing off any high school or university courses that required multiple choice tests, Joselyn managed to get an English degree by sweet-talking her professors into offering only essay-style exams. Needless to say, this did not exactly endear her to her peers. This rocky start smoothed out in time, though, and after tumbling down a black quiz hole one day while putting off job hunting, Joselyn realized her hatred of all things a-b-or-c had faded and she actually enjoyed dreaming up new ideas for questions and dangerously correct-sounding answers. You won’t find her quizzes an easy ride, but Joselyn just wants to make sure you’re really testing your knowledge.

Did you know?

Columbus Didn’t Discover America

To discover is to find something that no one else has ever encountered. So, to say that Columbus discovered America would be very inaccurate. He didn’t make it to America until 1492 when he was searching for a shorter route to the East Indies. But what he found instead was what we know today as the Bahamas. He assumed it was India and therefore called the natives there, Indians. The exact area he landed, he named San Salvador, which is often called the Watlings Island. Although he landed in the Bahamas, he never stepped foot on the United States’ soil. The Bahamas aren’t even U.S. Territory.

Anyway, this was in 1492, and it wasn’t the first time someone explored this new land. In 1000 AD a man named Leif Erikson and his men, known as Vikings landed in Vinland, what is now northern Canada. Which, you know, is still part of America. But if you want to get into who first landed on the U.S. soil, you can easily say it was the natives. They are believed to be Siberian who explored the area 15,000 years ago originally. This was never confirmed, but we do know that the indigenous people got there somehow.

If you need to know which European explored the mainland first, then you can credit John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) who first reached the mainland of North America though no one knows exactly where. It was likely in Canada. So who was the first non-native to touch down in the U.S.?

When you think about it, it’s all rather confusing. But does it really matter? We can’t change the past, but we can change the future! Living together peacefully as one united country with independent hearts and minds.

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