Step Back in Time: How Well Do You Know '70s Slang?

Ah, the 70s. The era of disco, LPs, bell bottoms, and swanky cars. Watching the movies of the time, it seems that people were all so relaxed, chill, and groovy. Everything was cool (even cats) and people partied non-stop. Perhaps some trends from the 70s have been left behind with the decade, but we did inherit many slang words from that wild time that are still in common use today. Let's see if you know what they mean!

Did you know?

The Citizens Band (CB) Radio

The CB radio was invented in 1945 by Al Gross. He was also the inventor of the first walkie-talkie and the owner of the Citizens Radio Corporation. This new technology was at first only popular with small businesses and blue-collar workers who used the tool to communicate with co-workers. But, by 1960, the production cost was low enough for many more people to afford them.  By 1973 the use of CB radios skyrocketed.

At that time the oil crisis caused the cost of gasoline to rise very quickly, resulting in gas shortages. To tackle this, the United States government decided to issue a 55 MPH nationwide speed limit. Drivers quickly learned that CB radios could be used to communicate with other drivers to inform them of gas stations that had gas in stock and to warn those who were speeding where the police had speed traps set up.

The CB radio became so popular that, by 1977, additional channels were opened up and 40 channel radios were introduced to the market.

It was very common for CB radio operators to use hidden code or unique slang to communicate with each other. For instance, when giving a warning that a police officer is running a hidden speed trap, they might say “smokey in the bush.” To warn truckers to watch out for a broken-down school bus they might say “watch out for the kiddy car at mile marker 200″.  Much of the CB slang from the 1970s hung around and became slang outside the realm of CB radio communications.

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