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English isn't easy — even for those who write and speak it as their first language. It would help, of course, if we could just be consistent and always tack on a single "s" when we want to tell people we're using the plural form of a word. Regrettably, there's a plurality of ways to indicate you're talking about more than one of something. Maybe you'll add an "es," and maybe you'll change the word into something entirely unexpected. This quiz captures some of the weird ways we pluralize words in the English language. The questions will get progressively difficult, so allow us to wish you luck. Actually, we wish you multiples of luck — you may need it.


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Did you know?

Plural Possibilities

The word plural is the opposite of singular. Singular means just one while plural suggests there are two or more. That makes it seem pretty straightforward, right? Until it isn't. Grammar gurus can share many different rules related to plurals in the English language. With nouns, for instance, the plural rule hinges on whether or not the word is a countable noun or not. This means a countable noun such as "tramp" becomes "tramps" when there is more than one. However, something like "music," which isn't countable, remains "music" when there is more than one of it. Then there are collective nouns — they can be singular or plural. And this is only dealing with nouns! Wait until you get into the verbs, and having your subject agree with your verb, and....it's simply too much for one fun quiz to cover. 

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