Do You Know if these Rappers are Dead or Alive?


From Eminem to Slim Shady, let's talk about rappers. If you noticed that those two names are the same rapper, then you can surely ace this quiz. But just because you know every lyric to every rap song doesn't mean you also know who is dead today and who is alive.

The first time modern-day rap music really made an appearance was in the 1970s, so most of the rap artists have the ability to be alive today. The inner-city African-Americans of the 70s created this new style of music that mixed chants, speeches, singing, and rhythmic music. Since then, thousands of rap artists have surfaced giving fans of the originals a fresh beat every time they turned a corner.

But if there’s one thing about rap music that fans don’t like, it’s the association with drugs and violence. It’s tragic how many stars die much too early. But do you know which ones have met this fate? Test your knowledge with this quiz and find out!

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Did you know?

Rapping was Invented in Africa

Hundreds of years before hip-hop was a thing, West Africa was freely providing their family and friends with old school, like really old school rap. They implemented chants and drums into their music, giving us our first rap music. These spoken word rhymes were known as “griots” that are still used today.

It was brought to America when slavery reigned, and songs of spirituality was a sort of relief. Mississippians were the first Caucasians to Americanize it. This is where blues met African chanting songs in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

This continued for years, making small transformations. But it wasn’t until the “golden age of hip-hop” during the 80s and 90s that what we really know as rap began. Lyricism really began to change, and beats went through metamorphisms like never before.

But before then, rap was seen as "anti-Disco" and went against the trends, even criticized often. This is where modern-day rap was inspired. Some even said that rap wasn’t even music. They simplified their sound allowing intense experimentation to take place. Rap artists spent decades in isolation before their time in the 80s began, and they were finally allowed to shine.

There, from kids on the schoolyard to big-time producers, everyone was writing their own rap songs and being accepted by the media.

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