Do You Know How Fabulous February Is?


February conjures up images of roses, love hearts, chocolates, and flowers. But, the second month of the year is so much more than just Valentine’s Day. From Groundhog Day and Presidents Day to Super Bowl weekend and Black History Month, there are plenty of celebrations to be enjoyed in February. February is a unique month. It’s the last month of winter in the northern hemisphere and the last of summer in the southern. With 28 days, it’s the only month that lasts precisely four weeks and the only one to have less than 30 days. It's also the only month that gets an extra day every four years. And, if it weren’t for February having 29 days in a leap year, the calendar would be out of sync with the seasons within a century. It’s also one of the most misspelled words in the English language. Where to put the first R confuses everyone. Even the White House struggles with press releases under the Obama administration incorrectly spelling it "Feburary." February really is the most intriguing month!

Did you know?

Will there be a full moon in February?

There’s nothing better than looking at the sky and seeing a full moon once a month. In fact, one appears every 29.5 days. But, with February only having 28 days on non-leap years, there’s always the chance that a full moon will bypass the month altogether.

The lunar cycle has to be very special for that to happen. January needs to have a blue moon, or two full moons during the month, with one at the beginning of and one right at the end. Let’s take 2018 as an example. January 31, 2018, was the second full moon in the month. 29.5 days later is March 1. So, moon gazers went without seeing a full moon throughout the whole of February 2018. However, it’s a phenomenon that only occurs every 20 years, so there’ll be plenty of February full moons to enjoy between now and 2037, when this freak occurrence is due to happen again.

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