Do You Have a Phone Addiction?


We use our phones as alarm clocks, calculators, notepads, mailboxes, books, music players, televisions, meeting places, and resident geniuses who know the answers to every question. With the world at our fingertips, why wouldn't we spend the majority of our time on these devices? Perhaps because, as we gaze down at the endless options in imperfect stillness, the real world moves on around us.

What happens when you clock out for the day and have free time? Are you still locked in on your bright blue screens? Could you ever leave your phone at home when you go out? You're probably doing this quiz on it, right? It's time to find out whether your attachment to your phone is problematic or understandable, given our current times. Let's get cracking.

History lesson

The intriguing tale of the first telephone patent

The invention of the telephone is a story filled with controversy, intrigue, and unexpected twists. At the forefront of this tale is Alexander Graham Bell, who is widely credited with the invention of the telephone. His patent and demonstrations for an apparatus designed for "transmitting vocal or other sounds telegraphically…causing electrical undulations" were undeniably successful. However, the path to this achievement was not straightforward. While Bell's design was the first to be patented, he was not the original inventor of the concept of a talking telegraph.

Antonio Meucci, an Italian immigrant, had begun developing a design for a talking telegraph or telephone as early as 1849. In 1871, he filed a caveat (an announcement of an invention) for his innovative design. Unfortunately, due to financial hardships, Meucci was unable to renew his caveat. His significant role in the invention of the telephone remained overshadowed until 2002, when the United States House of Representatives passed a resolution honoring his invaluable contributions. Adding another layer of complexity to the story, some historians suggest that Elisha Gray, a professor at Oberlin College, applied for a caveat of the telephone on the exact day Bell applied for his patent. Due to a series of events, Bell's lawyer reached the patent office before Gray's, resulting in Bell being awarded the first patent for a telephone. However, this account is disputed by some who believe there might have been foul play involved.

This captivating story serves as a reminder that the journey to innovation is often more convoluted than it appears. While Bell is celebrated as the father of the telephone, the contributions of pioneers like Meucci and Gray highlight the collective effort and competition that often underpins groundbreaking inventions.

Did you know?

How can you stop a phone addiction?

Stats show that, on average, we check our phones around 58 times a day. Documentaries like "The Social Dilemma" have demonstrated how many of the apps on our phones are meticulously designed to grab our attention and keep it. Our phones cause surges in dopamine that are hard to resist, and when we don't have access to WiFi, we feel separation anxiety.

Celebs like Selena Gomez, who are privy to an even more harmful side of the internet in the form of trolls, go on digital detoxes to escape the constant hum of the internet and to live life in a way that's less packaged for consumption. Making small talk with strangers has almost, but thankfully not entirely, become a thing of the past. So, how do we end this obsession with our mobile phones?

Try using greyscale mode. Without the dazzling colors, your phone becomes less appealing, and you'll lose less time to mindless scrolling.

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