Do You Have A License To Kill Some James Bond Trivia?

His name is Bond. James Bond. And he's probably the most famous fictional spy to appear in scores of novels, movies, and video games. Just about everything about him is iconic, from his favorite cocktail to the instantly recognizable theme song. A variety of actors have stepped into the role, each bringing their own unique style and swagger. But how well do you really know the British spy? Just about everyone is aware of how he likes his martinis and what type of car he likes to drive, but do you know how James Bond got his name or the names of some of his most famous enemies? Can you guess what comical sound effect was added to a thrilling stunt scene in one movie that left fans mortified and the sound composer embarrassed for life? From the books to the movies to the actors themselves, take this quiz about all things Bond to see how much of a super spy fan you really are.

Did you know?

Do you know about that alligator stunt from "Live and Let Die..."

One of the wildest James Bond stunts of all time is featured in the 1973 movie "Live and Let Die." In the scene, Bond escapes from an enemy in a swamp by jumping across the backs of three crocodiles. There was no way the movie studio was going to let star Roger Moore attempt something so dangerous. That's why producers turned to the owner of a Jamaican crocodile farm named Jamaica Safari Village. A stuntman named Ross Kanaga owned the farm and was paid $60,000 to perform the stunt. It took him six takes to jump on each crocodile without falling into the water. He was bitten during some of the failed takes and needed 193 stitches to close the wounds on his leg and face. To let him know just how much they appreciated his work, the producers named the main bad guy in the movie Kanaga in his honor. The film grossed about $35,000,000 worldwide

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