Do You Do Girl Math or Boy Math?

It's been a busy few weeks in TikTok's streets. First, women had a good chuckle coming up with the tongue-in-cheek concept of "girl math." It's a social media joke highlighting the often funny mental gymnastics women do to justify overspending. For example, according to this feminine perspective, concert tickets are practically free because the payment happens so far in advance of the event. That kinda makes sense, right? No? How about the idea that you must spend enough to qualify for free shipping, or else you're losing money? Anyway, it all was going splendidly until men started chiming in with misogynistic criticisms of the ladies' thought patterns. Women did not take kindly to the deliberate misinterpretation of their wisecracks, and soon "boy math" was born, mocking dudes with quips like: "boy math is thinking you can speak fluent Spanish even though you only studied half a semester at university" and, one of our favs referring to Twitter (RIP), "boy math is when you think buying a website for 44 billion dollars is value for money when it's worth 240 million." This quiz will tell you what kind of math you're most prone to doing. So, let's do the math, shall we?

History lesson

The most viewed TikTok video ever

Zach King's name has become a beacon of digital wizardry, captivating audiences with his seamless blend of reality and illusion on the popular platform, TikTok. His "Magic Ride" video, where he appears to soar through the streets on a broomstick, is a testament to his unparalleled creativity and skill. With a staggering 2.3 billion views, this video not only showcases Zach's talent but also the boundless possibilities of digital artistry. Through his videos, Zach King takes viewers on a visual journey, challenging the boundaries of what they perceive as real.

The "Magic Ride" video is more than just a fleeting moment of entertainment; it's a masterclass in storytelling. In mere seconds, Zach crafts a narrative that is both enchanting and relatable. Drawing inspiration from the world of magic and fantasy, he presents himself as a modern-day wizard, defying gravity and the conventions of video editing. Beneath the surface, there's a relatable message: the feeling of being an outsider, yearning for acceptance, and ultimately finding one's unique path. Zach's digital persona navigates a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

However, the true magic of Zach King lies not just in his technical prowess but in his ability to connect with audiences of all ages. Zach's videos resonate because they tap into universal themes and emotions. The "Magic Ride" video, while rooted in fantasy, speaks to the childlike wonder in all of us, reminding viewers of the joy of imagination and the thrill of the impossible made possible. In a world increasingly dominated by technology, Zach King stands as a beacon of creativity, proving that with a dash of magic and a sprinkle of imagination, stories can come to life in the most unexpected ways.

Did you know?

What does girl math revolve around?

Just like many don't consider girl dinners to be proper dinners, girl math isn't thought of as proper math. Sure, some examples of girl math are intentionally silly and will make you scratch your head, but most girl math revolves around three core economic principles: sunk costs, prospective costs, and cost-per-wear. In broad terms, girl math is more logical than it appears at first glance. Say, for instance, you buy a luxury item. This is okay because you can always trade it with a like-minded friend for added value and finally sell the product in pre-loved high-end online marketplaces. Making a profit is rare but not impossible. And even if you don't, reselling the item makes you money, whatever anyone else might say. Girl math is not for someone who has a budgeting problem. It's for girlies and just about anyone who has a handle on their finances for the most part and wants to have fun with their money.

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