Unveiling the Mythical: Dive into the World of Greek Mythology and Discover Your Creature!


No Greek myth would be complete without a legendary beast for the hero to fight. Fortunately, there is no shortage of mythological creatures that range from giants to demons to other oddities. They were terrifying and could wreak havoc upon people they didn’t like, although they still had their positive traits and strengths. Some of these legendary beings, like Pegasus, are not monsters but rather fabulous aids to the gods. They had magnificent appearances, amazing abilities and were associated with specific Gods. These creatures are still well-regarded nowadays for their achievements, as they’ve gone down in history as heroes as well! If you were to go back in time and become one of these legendary Greek mythological creatures, which one would you be? Would you have terrifying strength, or would you have the ability to convince anyone around you to fulfill your desires? Take this quiz and find out!

Did you know?

Many mythological creatures started out being mortal!

Often these beings were cursed and became the legendary creatures that you know today. For example, Medusa was an immortal with two beautiful sisters. Medusa, herself, was described as a beautiful, attractive woman. She caught the eye of Poseidon, and their love was united in Athena's temple. Some variations of the myth claim that the love was one-sided by Poseidon. Unfortunately, Athena, who is Poseidon’s rival, caught them when they were together, and so she cursed Medusa, causing her to become the famous gorgon that she's known for today. Without the Greek gods, there wouldn’t be as many legendary mythological creatures since many of these creatures were created by them.

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