Time to Get Funky! Identify These Classic 70s Disco Songs!


Whether or not you've ever felt "Night Fever," or wanted to get to "Funkytown," you've probably heard a disco ditty or two over the decades. This quiz invites you to flashback to the flashing lights, wide lapels and sequined stylishness of the disco era. Whether or not you think this genre of music was "Hot Stuff" or "Le Freak" you'll likely agree we "Never Can Say Goodbye" to this particular thumping beat.

Did you know?

Where did disco come from?

The word discotheque entered the English language around 1959, but it borrowed the meaning “a library of phonograph records” and didn’t yet refer to the dance hall itself. After all, the kind of venue that played records publicly had begun in the early ‘40s in Europe — Parisian dance halls had to resort to records instead of live bands because of Nazi restrictions. This French-type of venue — a high-level venue with a clandestine sensibility — made it to New York City in the early 1960s. Le Club, America’s first discotheque, opened New Year’s Eve 1960.

The American press began raving about the European trend of discotheque dancing. In fact, there was, in the summer of 1964, a short sleeveless dress known as a discotheque dress. So you could conceivably go to the discotheque wearing a discotheque. Perhaps that’s part of what prompted the shortening of discotheque to disco. Now you’d wear a disco dress to the disco. The main ingredient of this “short, bare-topped dress,” according to the Salt Lake Tribune, was that “it must swing.”

The dress and place had the name, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that the music turned to what we associate with disco today. With the rock song records ending around 3 minutes in, before dancers could really get their “groove,” clubs began to seek out more danceable rhythms. By 1975 “The Hustle” was setting off a nationwide craze as it climbed the mainstream charts.

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