Dear Peachie, What's My Beauty Style?


Are you unsure what kind of beauty style you fall into? That's okay for now, but knowing this can help streamline your routine and better understand yourself. Your beauty style is an intricate blend of your makeup, hair, and clothing preferences. Of course, it's also influenced a bit by your personality. Some people have clear-cut styles they follow while others are a bit more flexible. Where do you fall? Do you like the bold, dramatic look or something more timeless and elegant? Is minimalism more your style? The results depend a lot on how you approach your beauty. With these 30 questions, you'll learn a lot about how you tend to dress and present yourself, and maybe even a bit about who you are as a person. Dive into the quiz and get your friends to join in on the fun. Then, compare your results and see how they stack up against your expectations.

History Lesson

Evolving Elegance: A Glimpse into the History of Beauty

The concept of beauty has been a central part of human culture since the dawn of civilization, morphing through the ages from the ancient world to the digital era. In ancient Egypt, beauty was not just aesthetic but a sign of holiness, with elaborate makeup and hairstyles symbolizing status and divinity. The Greeks, on the other hand, idealized symmetry and harmony, encapsulating their vision of beauty in sculptures that emphasized proportion and balance. These early societies set the stage for beauty as an expression of virtue and status, a theme that has persisted through centuries.

As time marched on, the Renaissance era redefined beauty by focusing on a return to classical ideals, celebrating the human body's natural form with a renewed emphasis on realism and anatomical precision. This period also saw beauty becoming more accessible to the masses, with the advent of cosmetics and fashion that allowed more people to align with the era's beauty standards. However, it was during the Victorian era that beauty took on a moral dimension, with societal norms dictating a demure and modest aesthetic as the pinnacle of attractiveness, reflecting the period's stringent ethical codes.

In the 20th and 21st centuries, the concept of beauty has become increasingly democratized and diversified, influenced by global cultural exchanges and the rise of mass media. The advent of cinema, television, and now social media has expanded the ideals of beauty beyond geographical and racial boundaries, celebrating a wider array of forms, colors, and sizes. Today, beauty is increasingly seen through the lens of individuality and self-expression, with movements advocating for the recognition and appreciation of natural beauty, body positivity, and the breaking down of traditional beauty standards. This ongoing evolution reflects a broader societal shift towards inclusivity and a deeper understanding of beauty's multifaceted nature.

Did you know?

What is Dear Peachie?

Dear Peachie is an East Asian company that puts out beauty content on all sorts of topics to help people style themselves in ways that accentuate their natural beauty and features. With a carefully curated compilation of tutorial videos and explanations from a variety of creators around the world, they make learning to apply makeup a breeze. These makeup gurus know the ins and outs of style and making it work for you. From helping choose makeup that matches your unique facial structure to embracing your preferred style, you can learn a lot from this company. They don't just tell you what to do, either. They elaborate on why certain makeup trends and applications work for certain people but not so much for others. From makeup archetypes to helping people learn more about their style essence, the creators at Dear Peachie are determined to make makeup and style accessible to everyone.

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