Could You Survive The Hunger Games?


You have been selected as tribute by the lottery in your district to compete in the Hunger Games. A brutal televised competition for survival. Will you survive and become the victor? May the odds be forever in your favor as you take this quiz to find out!

Did you know?

They once created a Hunger Games themed camp? As crazy as that sounds.....

"The Hunger Games" films and the original book series by Suzanne Collins that they are based on have become incredibly popular and have inspired a generation in many positive ways. First of all, there is the main character and hero who is a strong female character for young women to look up to. And secondly, in a generation of internet addiction where kids spend hours in front of a screen, this action-packed series has inspired them to be active. In fact, there has been a notable surge of interest in the sport of archery as kids are eager to learn the skills needed to use a recurved bow and arrow like the story's hero, Katniss Everdeen. Capitalizing on the book and film's popularity and its ability to get kids active, a camp was created in Largo, FL that was a "real-life version of the Hunger Games." While this camp didn't intend to end in a battle to the death, the camp's climatic flag collecting competition did surprisingly get a little too into the spirit of the Hunger Games. It was reported that among lots of injuries and fighting, children shouted death threats at each other and that one boy was even knocked down and kicked by other campers. Maybe these impressionable and passionate young fans would have been better off just staying indoors playing a Hunger Games inspired video game after all.

How to Play?

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