Could You Still Pass the Driver's Test?


No matter how old you are, you can likely still remember your excitement at passing your driver's test. You were suddenly licensed to drive and, when able to persuade someone to give you the keys, hit the road without supervision. Forget calling "shotgun," you were behind the wheel.

So, you remember that feeling, right? But just how well do you remember the many signs and rules you studied diligently to pass your DMV exam in the first place? We'll see in these 35 questions. Good news, though. No matter how you do, we're not going to take your license away.

Did you know?

License to drive

Rhode Island was the first state to require an exam to gain a driver’s license. They implemented this requirement in 1908, the same year Henry Ford launched the Model T. Ford himself didn’t actually get a driver’s license though until 1919 when Michigan required them — he was 56 at that time.

Massachusetts required drivers to take tests beginning in 1920 (although chauffeurs had been subject to an exam since 1907). California followed suit in 1927. Still, even by 1930, only 24 states required a license (and only 15 of those had mandatory exams). South Dakota was the last state to begin issuing licenses in 1954. It didn’t add a driver’s exam requirement until 1959.

The number of young people taking the test to get licensed has fallen off recently. While in 1983 almost 92% of Americans between the ages of 20 and 24 were licensed, in 2014 only 77% were legal to drive.

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