Could You Pass an SAT Vocabulary Test?


The Standard Aptitude Test has gone through many iterations over the decades, but one thing remains constant -- the vocabulary component. High school students facing this college entrance exam work their way through heavy books of sample tests. They study vocabulary lists, receive words of the day in their email, and go online to play vocab building games. The ways to learn the SAT lexicon are endless and stressful.

If you've gone through life without having to take the test, consider yourself a lucky soul. For those who have yet to begin their preparation - you're already falling behind! Think you could pass the SAT vocabulary test? Give it a whirl!

Did you know?

History of the SAT Exam

So, who do we have to blame (sorry, thank) for the standardized admissions test? Carl Brigham, a Princeton psychology professor, who was involved with the first mass-administered IQ tests. Assisting Robert Yerkes during World War I, he worked to test US army recruits using the Army Alpha.

In 1926, Brigham toughened the Army Alpha tests up to be offered experimentally to a few thousand college applicants. The idea was that the test would measure “pure intelligence” rather than the quality of the test taker’s high school education.

In 1938, an assistant dean at Harvard talked all members of the College Board into requiring the SAT of all scholarship applicants. By 1944, the SAT was the only test being administered to all College Board applicants. That year the SAT was administered to more than 300,000 people nationwide — on a single day.

Today the SAT is the basic college admissions test used across the country to test millions of potential students every year.

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